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Make Bath Time Fun Again!

The Idea

Several years ago, as we watched our then two year-old daughters Kate and Wynter licking ice cream cones, Britttany told me about the lack of good hair care products that worked on Wynter’s thick, curly hair. Wynter didn’t like washing and conditioning her hair because it was always tough to comb through after the bath. My problem was different—the very mention of the bath made Kate run in the opposite direction. I was still using baby shampoo on Kate’s fine hair, but it was a struggle to get her in the bath. So we decided to find a common solution for our problems—create a shampoo and conditioner that made our kids WANT to get into the bath, a shampoo and conditioner that could condition and detangle curly hair but still be gentle enough for thin, fine hair. “Too bad we can’t wash their hair with ice cream,” I said, half-joking with Brittany, who looked at me with wide eyes . . . and Ice Cream Heads Shampoos and Conditioners was born.

The Development

It took us two years of designing the bottle, testing the formulas on our hair, smelling, adding, subtracting, rubbing it in our eyes (that one fell on Harold and me—and there were no tears), even making sure ingredients like Quaternium-15 were not in our formula . . . and today, we have the best shampoos and conditioners for kids. It’s just us; two stay-at-home parents who wanted to make bath time fun again—and we did it. When we showed the finished bottle to our daughters, they immediately screamed, “I want ice cream!” Then we said, “What if you could be an Ice Cream Head?” We opened the top of the bottle, and let them smell the shampoo and conditioner. They looked at each other, and screamed “I want to be an Ice Cream Head!” And to our delight, they both literally jumped into the bath. And to our added surprise, Aurora, a teenager, said from the doorway, “Could I be an Ice Cream Head too?”

The Results

With Kate and Wynter in the bath, it was a true side-by-side “trial by water,” as we called it. Wynter wanted to use Strawberry Shampoo and Strawberry Conditioner, while Kate insisted that she start with Vanilla Shampoo and finish with Chocolate Conditioner. The shampoo cleaned both Wynter’s thick curls and Kate’s thin locks without any tears—even when Kate managed to get the suds in her eyes. She even laughed and said, “Look, I’ve got ice cream eyes.” This coming from a kid who weeks before didn’t even want to get her hair wet in the bath.The rich, thick conditioner detangled and tamed Wynter’s hair while nourishing and softening Kate’s. Today, their hair smells amazing, with the subtle scents of ice cream. But the best part for us . . . they now ASK to take a bath and insist on washing and conditioning their hair. We have our Ice Cream Heads.